In Mexico, ‘It’s Easy to Kill a Journalist’

4/29/2017 New York Times

Journalist Armando Rodriguez murderTIERRA BLANCA, Mexico — The calls come often now: another body discovered, broken and left in rags, felled by bullets. They surface at daytime, midnight and dawn, the deaths keeping to no clock.

Members of the tribe gather to pay their respects, the grainy photographs and stripped-down dispatches a testament to another journalist killed here in the Mexican state of Veracruz. It is the most dangerous place to be a reporter in the entire Western Hemisphere.

“We have lived in this hell for some time now,” said Octavio Bravo, a journalist staring at the coffin of a colleague gunned down in Veracruz last year. “You can’t imagine the frustration, the impotence we are feeling.”

Mexico is one of the worst countries in the world to be a journalist today. At least 104 journalists have been murdered in this country since 2000, while 25 others have disappeared, presumed dead. On the list of the world’s deadliest places to be a reporter, Mexico falls between the war-torn nation of Afghanistan and the failed state of Somalia. Last year, 11 Mexican journalists were killed, the country’s highest tally this century.

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