Mexico wants John Kelly and John McCain to butt out of its election

4/17/2017 Business Insider

john mccain by marcnAfter months of sparring with the Trump administration, the Mexican government has a new point of frustration with its US counterparts.

During testimony in front of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on April 5, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was pressed by Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain on the current status of US-Mexico relations.

After asking about the border wall and ways to monitor the border, McCain turned to Mexican domestic politics.

McCain: But, however, we’ve got a problem with Mexico. Right now there’s a lot of anti-American sentiment in Mexico. If the election were tomorrow in Mexico, you would probably get a left-wing, anti-American president of Mexico. That can’t be good for America.

Kelly: Right. It would not be good for America or for Mexico.

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