What’s Behind the Violence in Ecatepec, Mexico City’s Sprawling Suburb?

4/17/2017 InSight Crime 

800px-Morelos_in_Mexico_(zoom).svgThe Mexican government’s recently released list of cities with the highest number of murders under President Enrique Peña Nieto’s tenure includes one surprise entry: Ecatepec, the sprawling Mexico City suburb not known as a center of organized crime.

According to Mexico’s Interior Ministry, the five cities that have registered the most murder investigations since December 2012 are Acapulco, Tijuana, Culiacán, Juárez, and Ecatepec.

The measure of violence is slightly odd; Mexico has various murder registries at the municipal level, a more direct and reliable statistic for measuring violence than the number of murder cases opened. But other sources support the thrust of the Interior Ministry’s findings. According to municipal tallies from Justice in Mexico’s most recent report, for instance, Ecatepec has registered either the fourth- or fifth-largest number of murders in each of the years Peña Nieto has been office.

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