On the road in Mexico, Central American migrants face an uncertain future

4/13/2017 PBS News Hour

Train Tracks by HeraldicosThousands of Central Americans cross into Mexico every day, dreaming of more peaceful and prosperous lives. For many, this is the first moment of a long, dangerous journey north. While more and more migrants are choosing to stay in Mexico, others still hope to make it to the United States. Special correspondent Nick Schifrin reports on the difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions.

JUDY WOODRUFF: But, next, we head back to Mexico.

On Tuesday, we reported from Mexico’s northern border with the U.S. Tonight, we travel to Mexico’s southern border.

Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are the world’s deadliest countries outside war zones. Many Central Americans flee violence and poverty, and hope to reach the U.S. Mexican authorities are now trying to block their movement, but critics are asking, at what cost?

Special correspondent Nick Schifrin begins his report tonight in Ciudad Hidalgo on Mexico’s southern tip, on the river that separates Mexico from Guatemala.

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