What Is Behind Spiking Violence in Tijuana, Mexico?

4/13/2017 InSight Crime

gun - crime sceneThe beginning of 2017 has brought a striking increase in violence to Tijuana, Mexico and the surrounding region, as competition between different criminal groups has put the key border city on a path for its bloodiest year since 2010.

State authorities from Baja California, Tijuana’s home state, have reported that 208 people were murdered in the border city during the first two months this year, a potentially historic homicide rate that represents a vast increase over the murder rate seen in recent years.

While the government statistics agency has not yet published its final tally of homicides last year, reliable reports replace the figure around 700. Should the current pace be maintained throughout the year, Tijuana would end up with nearly 1,300 murders, an increase of almost 85 percent in a single year. Since 1990, the first year for which official data is publicly available, Tijuana has only surpassed 1,000 murders twice, in 2009 (1,118 murders) and 2010 (1,256).

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