Mexico breaks silence to voice Venezuela fears

4/2/2017 Financial Times

Source: Cristóbal Alvarado Minic/Flickr

Mexico is shifting away from its longstanding policy of studied silence on the affairs of its near neighbours in response to Venezuela’s spiralling political crisis, as the Central American country looks to rebalance its relationships to the south and win credit with the US.

Mexico’s aversion to engaging in regional politics runs so deep that it is enshrined in its constitution. But last week president Enrique Peña Nieto broke with political convention to express his “grave concern” over events in Caracas, where government-aligned judges had moved to effectively annul the opposition-controlled Congress, before backtracking on Saturday.

Mr Peña Nieto called “for Mexico’s voice to be heard once again . . . clearly and firmly” in international forums, aligning the country with other Latin American states critical of the increasingly authoritarian presidency of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

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