Guerrero, Mexico Can’t Confront Organized Crime: State Attorney General

3/27/2017 InSight Crime

guerreroThe state of Guerrero in southern Mexico doesn’t have the “capacity to confront organized crime,” according to its attorney general, Xavier Olea. His comments highlight a perennial problem in the region: inefficient justice systems riddled with corruption, unable to handle the criminal challenges they face.

Guerrero is one of Mexico’s most violent states and a major heroin production and trafficking hub. The arteries of the state’s justice system are “congested,” its heart is “clogged with fat,” and attempts to try to rid it of corruption are like trying to perform “open heart surgery,” according to comments made by Olea in a recent interview with the Spanish newspaper El País.

With just 400 investigative state police across the whole state, Olea says he simply doesn’t have the means to bring down the organized crime cells that are now the de facto law in some parts of the region.

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