Mexico’s mass graves illustrate a horrifying norm for those living in cartel-land

3/22/2017 Business Insider

cemetery-cross-in-graveyard-1398971336pwPEarlier this month, authorities in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz confirmed that they had recovered 253 skulls from what is believed to be a cartel burial ground.

“Veracruz is an enormous mass grave,” state prosecutor Jorge Winckler said. “It is the biggest mass grave in Mexico and perhaps one of the biggest in the world.”

While its size may distinguish it, it is not the first such discovery in Veracruz. Mass graves have been found in the state for years.

Nor is it the most recent one discovered. Just a few days later, 47 more skulls were unearthed at a site farther south. The remains are thought to be the grisly work of organized-crime groups, which have fought for control of Veracruz for much of the last decade.

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