U.S.-Mexican security cooperation is at a historic high. Will that change under Trump?

3/20/2017 The Washington Post

John Moore/Getty Images

MEXICO CITY — Every airplane passenger who arrives in Mexico is vetted against American criminal and national-security databases, a daily dose of intelligence sharing aimed at finding fugitives and suspected terrorists.

In the Mexico City airport, plainclothes U.S. border officers work alongside their Mexican counterparts to investigate suspicious travelers bound for America. In Brownsville, Tex., U.S. customs agents remotely watch X-ray scans of train cargo from the Mexican side of the border.

For much of their history, the United States and Mexico had a wary relationship and security cooperation was limited. It wasn’t until 1996 that Mexico even began extraditing its citizens accused of crimes to the United States. But over the past two decades, as the countries’ economies have become more inter-dependent, they also have developed an extraordinary level of collaboration in addressing terrorist threats and capturing dangerous criminals.

Today, that partnership is facing the most serious risk in decades.

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