Mexican parents, not authorities, led search for drug-war mass grave

3/17/2017 Reuters

Mothers of missing sons came out of a service of  Pedro Alberto Huesca, whose remains were found at one of the unmarked graves where skulls were found on a plot of land, in Palmas de Abajo, Veracruz, Mexico
Source: Reuters/Carlos Jasso

A group of bereaved parents who overcame government apathy to uncover one of the largest mass graves in the dark history of Mexico’s drug war have also exposed the government’s slow progress in attending to rights abuses and victims.

After a six-months plus investigation led by the families, government investigators in the Gulf state of Veracruz said on Tuesday they had found more than 250 skulls in shallow graves in a field, a record in the atrocities in Mexico.

On Thursday, reporters gained access for the first time to the lush tropical area spotted with lagoons, which is near a current major expansion of Veracruz city’s busy seaport.

The site was uncovered last year after a tip to members of Colectivo Solecito, one of several groups of frustrated relatives searching for the tens of thousands of people who have gone missing during the gang drug wars and whose cases are unsolved.

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