Violence in Veracruz as Cartels Adapt to New Political Dynamic

3/16/2017 InSight Crime

InSight Crime

The new governor of the state of Veracruz in eastern Mexico is facing cartel wars and spiraling violence after succeeding the fugitive Javier Duarte. And the disruption to the government-organized crime nexus caused by the fall of Duarte is threatening to exacerbate the chaos.

After promising to recover security in Veracruz in his first six months of office, Gov. Miguel Ángel Yunes has instead seen a new wave of violence at the start of his administration. The state saw over 100 murders in January, following 132 in December, Yunes’ first month in office, reported Sin Embargo.

According to an intelligence report obtained by Milenio earlier this month, violence in Veracruz is being driven by a combination of turf wars and internal strife in criminal networks and is heavily concentrated in key territories, with over half of all registered murders in 2016 taking place in just 14 out of the state’s 212 municipalities.

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