The timeline for Trump’s NAFTA renegotiation is getting more clear, and it could be trouble for Mexico

3/11/2017 Business Insider

Reuters/Henry Romero

Debate over the effects and future of the NAFTA trade deal have been but one point of contention between Mexico and the US since President Donald Trump took office.

There are number of potential sticking points and murky details about any NAFTA renegotiation, but it’s becoming more clear when it could actually go down.

“We’re now in the early stages of the TPA process, the Trade Promotion Authority, the so-called fast track,” US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told Bloomberg on March 8.

“And that process, by its own nature, has a couple of months’ starting point before anything very serious happens, so you’re talking the latter part of this year before real negotiations get underway,” he said.

“I think the negotiations, hopefully, won’t take more than a year,” Ross added. “How long it will take to implement them and to get the reductions — that’s a different question.”

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