Trade With Mexico Is Great

2/16/2017 U.S. News & World Report

Oil barrelsThe most shameful aspect of the U.S.-Mexico trade imbroglio – ignored in analyses of the North American trade agreement and immigrants arriving illegally in the U.S. – is that it’s a big fuss over something that actually generates significant economic benefits and jobs for both countries. This is the economic reality that no protectionist, mercantilist rhetoric about saving some American jobs can disguise.

As much as we might hear politicians, pundits and the media complain about the U.S. trade deficit, we have a lot to be thankful for. When you peel back the rhetoric and get to the data, the numbers tell an important economic story about the substantial benefits of international trade.

It doesn’t seem to matter to those waving the protectionist banner that millions of American jobs are directly tied to trade with Mexico, and that there is evidence that growth in U.S. exports of oil and natural gas to Mexico is driving increased energy production here in the U.S. Trade with Mexico has benefited the U.S. economy and generated a large number of jobs in U.S. oil and gas fields. Mexico is second only to Canada in energy trade with the U.S.

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One thought on “Trade With Mexico Is Great

  1. II speak as a U.S. citizen living in Mexico who can no longer stand what stupid voters have done and are trying to further under President Trump. I’m a Koren and Vietnam veteran and 45 year retired Master Chief Petty Officer who loves Mexico and Mexicans. I cannot wait to become a Mexican Citizen. In the meantime I will do anything I can to upset Trumps apple cart. For starters I would recommend to my Mexican government that they up-grade Mexican/U.S. relations by nationalizing all U.S. automobile productions plants located in Mexico. If that doesn’t get his attention, stop buying and selling agricultural with the U.S. At that point Trump should have been persuaded to get his head out and commence some realistic relations that are good for both countries.


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