Nissan to forge ahead with Mexico plant despite Trump’s Toyota warnings

2/9/2017 The Japan Times

via Flickr – saoud

Nissan said Thursday it is pressing ahead with plans for a new plant in Mexico despite U.S. President Donald Trump rapping rival Toyota over plans to build a factory in the Latin American country.

Nissan and Daimler broke ground in 2015 on the facility in Aguascalientes, saying they would invest around $1 billion in a factory that would make vehicles for their Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz brands.

Nissan — which posted a fall in nine-month profit as it handed out more incentives to sell cars in the United States — said the plant is on track to start producing vehicles this year.

The automaker has several other production plants in Mexico, where it makes more than 800,000 vehicles annually.

“As of today we are on track, in line with the schedule and by the end of the fiscal year our new Infiniti cars will be produced there,” Nissan vice president Joji Tagawa told a media briefing Thursday, referring to the new plant.

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