Walling the U.S. Off From Mexico Won’t Work

2/2/2017 U.S. News & World Report

United States / Mexico Ocean Border Fence

Rosa has spent the last decade caring for elderly Americans in Utah who are no longer able to safely take care of themselves. One of them is my feisty step-grandma, who lives in the stormy darkness of advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

Rosa came from Mexico to work in the United States, eventually becoming a certified nurse assistant. She now often pulls 16-hour double shifts and regularly contends with getting smacked or scratched by the dementia patients she lovingly tends to.

Last week the president of the United States ordered my country to wall itself off from Mexico. He did not mention any new, lawful channel for Mexicans to do the essential work that Rosa and millions like her do now – some with authorization, some without it. That means that many American families in the future who need care like Rosa’s will face the bitter reality of life without it.

There are reasonable people who support the president’s order, because there is a serious and very real problem with migration between the U.S. and Mexico. But the problem is the illegality, not the migration itself. The black market that has dominated U.S.-Mexico migration for decades has harmed both country’s workers, drained public coffers and bred threats to national security.

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