Kellyanne Conway incorrect that worker remittances to Mexico are ‘No. 1’ income flow

1/30/2017 Politifact

by Gage Skidmore

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway offered several possibilities for how President Donald Trump will build a wall across the southern border, including a tax on goods crossing from Mexico to the United States.

Conway went on to decry the United States’ trade deficit with Mexico during an interview with CBS’ Charlie Rose, calling “repatriation of funds” a “very big piece of President Trump’s vision for this country.”

“Here’s the fact,” Conway said on Jan. 27, 2017. “The No. 1 source of income into Mexico are Mexicans working here and sending the money back.”

This would be more appropriately considered an alternative fact. Conway does have a point that “remittances” (as they are officially called) from individuals in the United States constitute a significant boost to the Mexican economy, and they may be of enormous importance to the individual families on the receiving end. However, they are far from the country’s No. 1 source of income. (The White House did not respond to an inquiry for this article.)

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