‘Unprecedented’ School Shooting in Mexico Sparks Gun Control Debate

1/19/2017 Foreign Policy

MEXICO, Ciudad de México, 12AGOSTO10. En el centro de mando de la Policía Federal fueron presentados 12 personas detenidas en dos operativos distintos en la República Mexicana. Foto: Jesús Villaseca P/Latitudes Press.
Foto: Jesús Villaseca P/Latitudes Press.

Mexican law enforcement officials are investigating the origin of the .22 caliber pistol used in a school shooting that killed one personand left four injured in the northwestern city of Monterrey, in what the country’s media have deemed an “unprecedented” attack in scale.

Three people are still in critical condition, and the fifteen-year-old male shooter turned his gun on himself after opening fire at the school on Wednesday.

Aldo Fasci, the spokesperson for the state of Nuevo Leon’s secretariat of public safety, said the agency is questioning whether the pistol used in Wednesday’s shooting at the Colegio Americano del Noreste was obtained from the shooter’s home or through an illegal source. Over the last 10 years, the Mexican government led a tight clampdown on legal gun purchases in Mexico due to the ongoing drug war with local cartels, but many weapons are trafficked illegally across the U.S. border, including a spike in 2006 following the beginning of former President Felipe Calderon’s war with cartels.

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