How Trump’s Economic Policies Promise to Upset Mexico’s Criminal Landscape

01/20/2017 InSight Crime 

hands in handcuffs

Donald Trump’s election sent a shock wave through Latin America and around the globe, and if his economic promises are met, his inauguration could do the same to Mexico‘s criminal landscape.

Trump’s inauguration on Friday, January 20 marks a sea change from longstanding US government positions on a number of issues, from nuclear policy and Russian relations to finance and trade. In the latter realm, Trump has promised to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement; has engaged in ongoing harassment of multinational firms planning to invest in Mexico; and has pledged to boost domestic manufacturing in order to reverse the trade deficit.

The general thrust of Trump’s policies began to manifest itself even before his inauguration, with his pressuring multinational companies to cancel factory investments in Mexico. This led to Carrier and Ford, among others, to beef up their capital investments in the US at the expense of their Mexican operations. Trump has also attacked Toyota and BMW for plans for future investments in Mexico, though with no evident change to their investment plans. But Trump’s agenda, fully realized, has the potential to sharply constrict Mexican exports to the US.

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