Mexico’s president warns that if Trump wants to talk trade, he’ll have to talk security, too

1/13/2017 Los Angeles Times

pena nieto wef

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has warned that Mexico will push back if U.S. President-elect Donald Trump attacks Mexico on trade or other fronts — using its cooperation on crucial issues such as immigration and security as leverage.

While he didn’t mention Trump by name, much of Peña Nieto’s address to a gathering of Mexican ambassadors on Wednesday was directed at the incoming U.S. president, who in a news conference earlier in the day had vowed yet again to tax imports from Mexico and to force Mexico to pay for construction of a massive border wall.

Trump’s threats helped send the Mexican peso plummeting to a record low Wednesday, when it briefly fell below 22 per U.S. dollar.

In his speech, Peña Nieto said conversations with the U.S. about taxes or trade deals would also include conversations about U.S.-Mexico collaboration on immigration and security.

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