Five border security priorities for Trump in his first 100 days via Fox News

12/28/2016 Fox News 

Via Flickr user "Gage Skidmore"
Via Flickr user “Gage Skidmore”

When President-elect Donald Trump takes the oath of office in January, his administration will face a long list of immediate needs and challenges. Among them are a series of pressing issues for securing the border. Here are five priorities for the new Trump administration to address in its first 100 days.

1. Build a Virtual Wall: While building a border wall was a hallmark of the President-elect’s campaign, it will require complex construction and budget allocation that will take years to achieve. The challenges along the border cannot wait, particularly when there are technological solutions available now. The notion of a virtual wall, composed of cameras, sensors and other technologies, has existed for some time, but for a variety of reasons, progress has been insufficient. The new administration should review existing technologies, such as fiber optic sensors and robust communications capabilities, to support the Border Patrol’s ongoing efforts to interdict illegal immigrants and illicit goods.

The administration also needs to speed up the timeline for implementing land port of entry (POE) entry/exit tracking technology. This has been a noted need for more than a decade, but even today, the United States has limited means to keep track of who is leaving the country across land POEs, which is essential for monitoring visa overstays. There are some pilot programs in the works, but more solutions are needed.

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