Mexico, a global climate change leader

12/22/2016 The Hill 
environment - energy - light bulb with paddy riceThe recent ratification of Mexico’s Paris accord symbolizes its emergence as a leader among developing nations, but also a global leader and active participant in the development and implementation of international agreements to mitigate climate change. It also demonstrates Mexico’s position as a key partner in the advancement of North American energy integration, by proposing and committing to climate goals similar to the U.S. and Canada. Mexico’s ascent as a global leader to mitigate climate change challenges the narrowly held perception that it is a country impacted by drug cartels and violence – and, most recently a state filled with “drug dealers and rapists.”

Within the UNFCCC, Mexico is considered a leading voice among developing countries while also occupying membership to the OECD. In this unique space, Mexico draws on its position to help build consensus between developed and developing countries (Brookings). In 2008, Mexico submitted a proposal for a World Climate Fund that resulted in the “Green Climate Fund” (GCF), which was signed at COP16 in Cancun in 2010 (Brookings).

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