Headlines from Mexico

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1.This Thursday, the Attorney General of Mexico, Arely Gómez González, has officially announced that she has obtained the apprehension order against former Governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte for illicit enrichment and money laundering. The legal ground to apprehend is unclear givne the legal protections governors in Mexico have. After his resignation last week, Duarte has not been publicly seen and is believed to have left the country. The office of the Attorney General in Mexico has notified INTERPOL which makes Duarte a fugitive in 190 countries.

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2.The Secretary of National Defense, Division General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda responded to a question that the Armed Forces in Mexico are suffering from burnout from the massive amounts of tasks that they have needed to handle in the last years including organized crime and other national security tasks that have extended throughout the entire Mexican territory. The Secretary affirmed that there needs to be a stronger legal framework and increase in the number of troops to be able to strengthen the Armed Forces. Cienfuegos also said that despite the challenges, the 230,000-strong force, has a strong moral and sense of duty. The Secretary was attending the  inauguration of the National Defense and Humanitarian International Law at Universidad Anahuac on Wednesday.

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3. The Mexican congress has approved 2017  Revenue Act. In the law, congress approved a 42 cent increase in the exchange rate with the dollar (leaving it at 18.62), increased the expectations of oil production from 1.928 billion barrels a day to 1.947, and adjusted the expectations of tax revenue. This has led to an artificial increase of the 2017 government budget of 51.3 billion extra pesos. Experts said that these artificial changes were made without any technical advise and that they will present weak results if any at all.

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4. The Federal Commission of Economic Competition (COFECE) has opened an investigation on a potential pharmaceutical  monopoly . The commission is going to investigate all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry including production, distribution, and commercialization. This is the first time that an entire economic sector is investigated in Mexico. The COFECE has already identified that in the past 5-6 years drug prices have increased by 10%, an inflation above the aggregate economy average.

Read more: El Economista, El Universal, El Financiero, Milenio


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