Headlines from Mexico

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1.The request for leave of absence of Veracruz governor, Javier Duarte, 48 days before his official end of term, this past Wednesday October 14, caused mixed reactions from Mexico’s political leaders and public opinion. Javier Duarte, accused of alleged funds mismanagement and  unjust enrichment, said on his announcement Wednesday that his state needs a full-time governor and that he now needs to focus on defending his case against the allegations presented. His party, the PRI, applauded Duarte while officials and congressmen from opposing parties, PAN and PRD,  voiced their concerns emphasizing that the full force of the law should still be applied and that his leave of absence should give not way to impunity on his case. More generally, the main headlines point to public’s exhaustion on this case, claim that the resignation comes too late, and highlight that Veracruz still has a long way ahead of recovery and stability for the state.

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2. The proposal the private sector presented by the Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE), to form an alliance against insecurity, fails in the Senate as congressmen from PRI, PRD, PVEM, and PT argue that there is already a cohesive system for cooperation in security and that participation of the private sector is already taken into consideration in this framework. Senators from PAN party supported the initiative but other party congressmen were wary of potential electoral interests involved in the support. The private sector argued that crime is especially prevalent against businesses across the country and a renewed effort needs to emphasize policy against this type of crimes.

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3. On its last meeting, the Bank of Mexico shifted its focus on the concerns for the Mexican economy and the peso stability from external factors to internal factors pointing especially at the weak performance of the fiscal accounts, continued increase in the deficit of the current account, and the lack of transparency in Pemex’s planification. The Bank of Mexico is now identifying these developments as some of the principal causes for lack of investment in the country  while still aware of the external factors. This is an important shift from the previous focus which had mainly pointed at the U.S. elections and the fluctuations in oil prices.

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4. Secretary of Interior Miguel Osorio Chong announced on Friday that running for Presidential office in 2018 “is not in his agenda”. The Secretary claimed that his main responsibility is to his country in the current position he holds. Osorio Chong had been under scrutiny because of videos he published in social media that appeared to be a pre-launch to a Presidential candidacy.

Read more: Reforma, El Universal, La Jornada, El Financiero


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