Headlines from Mexico

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1. Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray resigned following the visit of Republican candidate for the US presidency Donald Trump last week. Videgaray, one of Peña Nieto’s closest allies will be replaced by the current Minister of Social Development, Jose Antonio Meade announced the president of Mexico at a news conference.

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2. José Antonio Meade, Minister of Finance, presented to the House of Representatives a two-year-old austerity drive in his 2017 budget, pledging spending cuts that add up to almost 240bn pesos. About 100bn pesos of the cuts will come from Pemex, with more than 100bn pesos by the federal government in the areas of education, transportation and health.

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3. Although schools in Oaxaca remain closed due to the strike led by the Sección 22 of the teacher’s union (CNTE), the Government affirms the education reform in this state is progressing. According to the government in Oaxaca, they have met the deadlines of the teacher’s evaluations as established by the National Institute of Educational Evaluation.

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4. Hillary Clinton stated this past Monday that she is not planning to visit Mexico before the November election. “We are permanently and productively in touch with @HillaryClinton’s campaign,” Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu tweeted in Spanish. “We understand and respect her decision to propose the time to have a meeting.”

Read more: El Universal, Animal Político, El Economista, Excelsior, La Jornada


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