Jorge Ramos: Mexico’s Shrinking President

09/06/16 Fusion

Jorge Ramos.jpgWhat was Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto thinking when he invited Donald Trump to Mexico City? He was thinking that he could outsmart Trump, of course. But as everyone saw, Peña Nieto had underestimated his opponent.

Last week’s episode will be remembered as one of the lowest points in Peña Nieto’s presidency — and that’s saying a lot, given the scandals that have enveloped his administration in recent years. Among them: the still-unresolved case of the missing college students in Ayotzinapa, the violent teachers’ strike in Nochixtlán, the “Mexican White House” scandal, and the recent allegations involving the first lady’s condo in Florida and the potential government contractor who paid property taxes for the condo.
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