Headlines from Mexico

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1. José Santamaría Zavala, the major of the town of Huehuetlán in Puebla State, was found dead this past Tuesday next to his bullet-riddled car. He was the third major to be killed in Mexico in the past two weeks, along with Domingo López González, from San Juan Chamula, Chiapas and  Ambrosio Soto Duarte, from Pungabarato, Guerrero.

Read more: El Universal, Animal Político, Excélsior, El País

2. The arrival of August came with an increase in the price of gasoline in Mexico. The Finance Ministry argues that the increase in fuel prices is due to the upturn in international reference prices for fuel prices, reflecting the recent recovery in crude oil prices.

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3. This past Monday the advisory board of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) was defined with the purpose of strengthening the political party in light of the 2018 electoral year. “Don’t count with me” were the words of Miguel Angel Mancera to reporters on the question of whether he would become militant of the party.

Read more: Excélsior, Milenio, La Jornada, El Universal 

4. The Mexican Secretariat of the Interior (SEGOB) agreed to release the Oaxacan union leader teachers who were imprisoned and reinstate the dismissed teachers who did not complete the teacher’s evaluation. Additionally, the CNTE agreed with SEGOB that they would guarantee employment stability to all teachers who had suffered any consequence as product of the educational reform.

Read more: El Universal, Reforma, Milenio , Excélsior 


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