What Fueled a Deadly Clash in Mexico?

26/06/16 The Wall Street Journal 

9620147010_4dc9006051_bA violent confrontation in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca last week pitted federal and state police against an antigovernment mob. Protesters burned buses and cars, lobbed Molotov cocktails and set piles of debris on fire. At least six people were killed.

Now another battle is under way over who gets to write the definitive history of what actually happened on the bloody Sunday of June 19 in Nochixtlán. The narrative that becomes the accepted version of events matters greatly for the future of Mexico.

In polls ahead of the July 2018 presidential elections, the hard-left, antidemocratic demagogue Andrés Manuel López Obrador has an early lead. He’s allied with the militant teachers union known as the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), which set up the roadblocks that triggered the showdown with the government.

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