Zetas drug gang ‘used Mexico prison as extermination camp to kidnap and kill 150’

6/9/2016 The Telegraph

Coahuila_en_México.svgMembers of the Zetas drug gang used a prison in northern Mexico as their private house of horrors where they tortured and killed kidnapping victims and underworld enemies, public prosecutors in the state of Coahuila have said.

Between 2009 and 2012, Piedras Negras prison became a virtual extermination camp, ruled with impunity by the notorious crime cartel as an operational base for their reign of terror in the US-Mexican border region.

After an investigation into the three-year period, authorities estimate that around 150 people were murdered inside the prison, with their bodies being burnt or broken down in acid-filled tanks before the remains were disposed of in a river some 20 miles away from the jail.

It is not clear to what extent the prison’s official guards actively cooperated with gang members or whether they merely allowed them to act with impunity in exchange for keeping order among inmates.

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One thought on “Zetas drug gang ‘used Mexico prison as extermination camp to kidnap and kill 150’

  1. Gabriela Fragoso

    Si, es una historia de terror!!!! Y el PRI dejando que estos criminales hicieran lo que quisieran. Me da pena la situación de mi país. Lo mejor es que ya sabe el PRI que no permitiremos que siga gobernándonos. Fueron los grandes perdedores en estas últimas elecciones. Saludos Gigi

    Lic. Gabriela G. Fragoso Salcedo

    > El 09/06/2016, a las 10:03 a.m., Mexico Institute escribió: > > >


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