Is Mexico City Turning Into New York City?

5/31/2016 Forbes

Mexico CityOn the tenth floor patio of his apartment building on Avenida Chapultepec in downtown Mexico City, 35-year-old architect Fernando Madrid leans out over the railing and looks out at the newly built skyscrapers jutting up from the street a few blocks away. The mid-day traffic clogs Chapultepec Ave, one of the main roads that cuts through Mexico City’s center, and a light haze hangs over the urban periphery. Voters in the district have rejected a plan to turn the space between the lanes into a multi-use park and shopping mall, a Mexican version of New York City’s skyline. But despite the no-vote on the project opponents dubbed “Shopultepec” Madrid does think that Mexico City is becoming increasingly like New York. Looking down at the sidewalk below as pedestrians walk past a rack of public bicycles and two police officers on a motorcycle pull up at the intersection next to a late model pink and white taxicab Madrid explains, “The city has grown a lot in the last fifteen years. The Torre America Latina used to be one of the only skyscrapers here but with the economic development the city has had now there are a lot of buildings that are bigger.” Madrid says that he thinks that the new office district along Reforma Avenue in Mexico City’s center is the Mexican version of Wall Street. There has also been a lot of development a few miles up the road in the Santa Fe district. “That [area] is maybe the equivalent of mid-town [Manhattan],” he says.

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