Antonio Garza: Mexico’s best PR move is to stop violence and corruption

5/24/2016 The Dallas Morning News

MEXICO, Ciudad de México, 12AGOSTO10. En el centro de mando de la Policía Federal fueron presentados 12 personas detenidas en dos operativos distintos en la República Mexicana. Foto: Jesús Villaseca P/Latitudes Press.
Foto: Jesús Villaseca P/Latitudes Press.

After enduring months of hostile rhetoric in the U.S. primaries, Mexico has had enough. In a diplomatic and strategic shakeup, officials have announced a new strategy to polish the country’s image abroad. They shouldn’t have a hard time finding material, given our broad and fruitful bilateral relationship. But if Mexico really wants to change its image, it needs to start at home.

Americans’ concerns regarding Mexico began long before the current primary season. The recent incidents of bilateral bullying inflame emotions, especially when tied to sensitive domestic issues such as undocumented immigration or border security. Yet Americans’ pervasive perception of Mexico as corrupt, violent or overridden by cartels also stems in large part from the country’s very real challenges.

This means that if Mexico is serious about improving its image abroad, the first step is recognizing that the problem isn’t just one of public relations but also of content.

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