Headlines from Mexico

newspapers logo2-011.Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department has ruled that the extradition of convicted drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera to the United States can go forward. The process can still be appealed, which means it could take weeks or months before the Sinaloa cartel leader may be sent north. Guzman’s lawyers have 30 days to appeal the decision.

Read more: Excelsior , El Universal, Milenio, Reforma,Excelsior

2. Mexico’s Public Education Secretary Aurelio Nuño announced the dismissal of least 3,119 teachers who accumulated their fourth offense by taking part in the strike called last Monday by the CNTE teachers union. Protests continue to gather in the Plaza de Independencia in Mexico City.

Read more: Excelsior, El Universal, Reforma, Milenio


3. Enrique Peña Nieto announced over Twitter on Tuesday of a proposal to allow same sex marriage nationally. On Twitter, President Enrique Pena Nieto had”announced the signing of a reform initiative which includes the recognition of the right to get married without any form of discrimination.”

Read more: Milenio, Reforma, El Universal, Excelsior



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