Mexico: Suspects In Missing College Students’ Case Allege Torture

5/11/2016 NBC News

MEXICO CITY — After the September 2014 disappearance of 43 college students, Mexican authorities rounded up scores of suspects a few weeks later and announced they had solved the case, showing video of drug gang members confessing to taking the students from local police, slaughtering them and incinerating the bodies at a junkyard and dumping the evidence in a river.

Two independent, international teams of experts had later cast doubt on the official investigation. Now, the government case has suffered another blow: Accusations of torture.

In previously unseen court documents obtained by The Associated Press, 10 of the suspects described a chillingly similar script: They were first questioned, followed by punches, electric shocks and partial asphyxiations with plastic bags; finally, the threats to kill their loved ones unless they confessed to stories that backed up the government’s line

Some suspects said they were given planted evidence or prefabricated stories to support the government’s conclusions.

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