Blocked By Mexico, Experts Fail To Solve Mystery Of 43 Missing Mexican Students

5/2/2016 Forbes

Afte16351122146_4433fe03f6_mr Mexico’s Deputy Secretary of the Interior Roberto Campa Cifrián said the government will not renew their mandate to assist in uncovering the truth of what happened to 43 students who vanished in 2014, five foreign legal and human rights experts packed their bags and left Mexico City on Saturday.

But the experts, sponsored by the Washington-based Inter-American Human Rights Commission, did not hide their frustration about the systematic stumbling blocks they found throughout their 17-month mission in Mexico.

“We leave frustrated for not having been able to find the 43 students and because we felt that government authorities put obstacles that stopped us from moving forward, and did not allow us to find out where the kids are,” Francisco Cox, one of the experts, told Mexican newspaper Reforma as he was boarding a plane back to his native Chile.

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