Mexico Runs Away From the Truth

4/26/2016 The New York Times By The Editorial Board 

the_week_that_was_from_latin_america_and_caribbean_40482081In December 2014, PresidentEnrique Peña Nieto of Mexicotraveled to the state of Guerrero, where months earlier 43 college students who were headed to a protest in Mexico City had vanished under murky circumstances and were presumed to have been massacred.

“Let’s overcome this phase and take a step forward,” Mr. Peña Nietosaid then. He must have been deluded in thinking that he could turn the page on a human rights atrocity that outraged the nation when the government had no answers about who committed the crime and why.

Weeks earlier, bowing to street protests and international condemnation, Mr. Peña Nieto had agreed to allow a team of international experts appointed by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to investigate the students’ disappearance in collaboration with the government. As the experts interviewed witnesses and analyzed forensic evidence, they uncovered information about abductions of the students carried out on Sept. 26 and 27 that conflicted with the version of events that the Mexican government issued in January 2015 as the “historical truth.”

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