The latest data breach involves the voting records of 93.4 million Mexican citizens

4/23/2016 Yahoo News

security_lockYet another data breach has grabbed international headlines, and this one involves the voting registration records of some 93.4 million Mexican citizens. On April 14, Chris Vickery of MacKeeper discovered that he was able to access a tome of information, including names, birth dates, home addresses, ID numbers, and more, all on an unprotected Amazon cloud server. In a blog post, he noted that he immediately contacted both American and Mexican authorities (the U.S. State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Mexican Embassy in Washington), whereupon the database was removed from the public domain eight days later on April 22.

In disclosing the enormous breach, Vickery wrote, “In my hands is something dangerous. It is proof that someone moved confidential government data out of Mexico and into the United States. It is a hard drive with 93.4 million downloaded voter registration records — The Mexican voter database.”

The database, the security expert says, “was configured purely for public access.” He adds that he has “no clue” as to why. “Under Mexican law, these files are ‘strictly confidential,’ carrying a penalty of up to 12 years in prison for anyone extracting this data from the government for personal gain.” Vickery blogged. And needless to say, this was a serious security meltdown.

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