After 43 Went Missing, 31 Suspects Accuse Mexico of Torture

4/24/2016 Bloomberg 

15610758355_0e2d67e0e9_oFacing criticism in the case of 43 missing students, Mexico said Sunday it’s investigating allegations that 31 people rounded up in the aftermath were tortured while in custody.

The Attorney General’s Office initiated the investigations, some of them involving its members, deputy prosecutor Eber Omar Betanzos told the press Sunday. Hours earlier, an outside group of experts accused authorities of torturing drug gang members and police held in connection to the students’ case, citing medical exams they suffered cuts and bruises, while one was choked with a plastic bag.

Mexico is still reeling almost 20 months after the teaching students from a rural town in Guerrero went missing. The government says the students in their late teens and early 20s were rounded up by local police during a protest, then handed over to a drug gang that burned them in a landfill and dumped their ashes in a river. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights group of experts have questioned parts of the official findings and said days before their departure from Mexico that the government obstructed their independent investigation, a claim Mexico has denied.

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