Tortured at the Hands of Mexican Police

04/20/2016 The Atlantic

federal police mexicoMexican authorities issued arrest warrants Tuesday for two army soldiers and three members of the federal police force, after a video emerged that appeared to show a woman in custody being tortured. The video seems to show several people dressed in the army  and police uniforms press a gun to the bound woman’s head, then tightly wrap a plastic bag around her face as she screams.

The Mexican magazine Proceso reported the woman in the video is Elvira Santibanez, who was arrested in February 2015, and is believed to be part of a drug cartel. She was held in Ajuchitlan del Progreso, a small town in in the poppy-field mountains of Guerrero, a state overrun by cartels.

The Associated Press reported that over the weekend Mexico’s defense secretary apologized to the public over the video.

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