Headlines from Mexico

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  1. The case of the disappearances of the students of Ayotzinapa continues as the National Human Rights Commission revealed this week that at least two agents of Mexico’s Federal Police were involved in aggression and later disappearances. Additionally, the Interdisciplinary Group of Experts will be leaving Mexico, and a special mechanism will be created to accomplish the recommendations of these experts.Read more: Jornada, Milenio, Excelsior, El Universal, Excelsior, Reforma, Expansión, El Universal
  2. Mexican authorities have reached out to Interpol to detain three of the four accused of sexual assault of a minor in Veracruz. This case has become a symbol of the corruption and impunity citizens in Veracruz have been faced with.Read more: Jornada, Excelsior, Jornada, Excelsior, Reforma, Milenio, Animal Politico, Expansion
  3. This week the Mexican Senate approved legislation that would establish preferential conditions for both national and international private business who would invest in the southeastern region of the country. This vote was passed with 88 in favor and 8 against.Read more: Jornada, El Universal, Reforma, Expansión
  4. Two of Mexico’s largest political parties, the PAN and PRD, have submitted an anti-corruption and impunity proposal to the Senate so that there would be a plan of action when combating, preventing, and sanctioning corruption at every level of government.Read more: Expansion, Milenio, El Universal

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