Cartel violence hit this artist’s family. So he illustrated a comic book about it

4/13/16 The Washington Post 

comicAMERICAN writer Justin Jordan knew he had a fertile idea for his fictional tale. He would delve into Mexican drug cartels. But which artist could render this story into riveting life?

He needed an illustrator who has a textured, firsthand understanding of Mexico, if not also its cartel violence.

The result: BOOM! Studios will unveil this summer’s Comic-Con a four-issue mini-series titled “Sombra” (Spanish for shadow). The series will debut July 20.

And its gifted artist? Mexico’s Raúl Treviño.

“I am an American — I am writing about this from a distance … ,” Jordan tells The Post’s Comic Riffs. “I feel an obligation to get it right, and no matter what — no matter how much research I do — there’s always going to be a distance between my experiences and the reality of what’s happening.

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