No evidence of Mexico’s 43 missing students’ remains in rubbish, lab finds

4/9/2016 The Guardian


Laboratory tests showed no evidence that Mexico’s missing 43 students were among the remains recovered from a rubbish tip, where the Mexican government insists the teacher trainees’ bodies were burned in an all-night inferno and the ashes tossed in an adjacent river.

The results, released to reporters late Friday night, dealt further discredit to the official investigation, which the attorney general at the time called “the historic truth”. The report comes after the Mexican government defended its original inquiry from accusations that it undermined the work of international investigators, who considered the fire theory implausible and scientifically impossible.

“These results do not scientifically support the attorney general’s office theory,” said Mario Patrón, director of the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Human Rights Centre, which was worked with the students’ families and the international investigations into the case.

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