Vigilante mob administers brutal justice after six thugs rob a bakery and attack the female shopkeeper with machetes in Mexico

4/4/2016 Daily Mail

vigilante2A vigilante mob administered brutal justice on a group of six thieves who allegedly robbed a bakery and assaulted the female owner with machetes.

The violent incident occurred in Tamulte, in the south-east Mexican state of Tabasco.

And according to sources, the enraged mob were only stopped from lynching the robbers

After hearing about the robbery and the machete attack on Virginia Salvador Valencia, the locals joined forces and apparently managed to catch four of the perpetrators.

And, although two managed to escape, they were later picked up by the authorities.

The mob then viciously beat the alleged thugs and set fire to their escape vehicle.

They also allegedly planned to set the men on fire.

However, as they were preparing to do so, the state police arrived on the scene and intervened.

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