Uproar In Mexico Over Latest Journalist Scandal

3/25/2016 BuzzFeed News

censorshipMEXICO CITY — A reporter and deputy news director at a national newspaper in Mexico have quit over allegations of government censorship, a reaction to the latest in a series of attempts to sweep negative coverage out of sight during Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration.

The newspaper, Milenio, had published a five month-long investigation into an expensive anti-hunger government program on March 7. The front page story, titled “The (False) Success of the National Crusade Against Hunger,” was produced by a team led by reporter Karen Cota, who analyzed more than 300,000 databases and concluded that the program funds were used haphazardly, leaving more than 60% of people in the poorest states without coverage.

The next day, Secretary of Social Development Rosario Robles Berlanga visited the paper’s newsroom and met with its editor-in-chief, Carlos Marín, as well as Cota and another member of the paper’s data unit, Milenio DataLab. According to Cota, Marín said the conversation with Robles Berlanga would be off the record.

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