When is a fine a bribe?

3/29/16 BBC

Pesos by Flickr user AleiexNot long ago, my partner and I drove to the south of Mexico City – he was behind the wheel, I was the map-reading passenger. Shortly after we began our journey, our sat-nav surprisingly told us to go down what we thought was a bus lane.

We’d been in Mexico City long enough to know the most vital traffic rule – never go into one of these lanes, no matter what! So we didn’t. Instead, we just briefly, crossed over one. Admittedly we looked a little cautious, rather lost, but we thought we had avoided the problem.

We were wrong. Within seconds a patrol car was tailing us.

“Do you realise what you did? You travelled in a bus lane,” said the policewoman who had drawn up beside us. “Hello,” I replied. “I’m ever so sorry, we didn’t actually go in it, we just crossed over it.”

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