A Family’s Loss, Mexico’s Tragedy

3/29/16 New York Times 

iguala (1)A loved one vanishes. One moment a son, a brother, a husband, walks out the door, just as they do every morning. But one day, night falls and they’re not home. The sun rises, beds remain empty. Slowly, you realize something is wrong. Days and nights turn into a blur and nothing is known, except for the hurt, fear and longing that hang over your house.

This is the reality that Yael Martínez and the family of his wife, Lucero, have been living since 2013, when two of his brothers-in-law, Ignacio and David, disappeared in Iguala, Mexico. If the town sounds familiar, it’s because disappearances are what made it infamous. Iguala is where 43 students from Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College were kidnapped in 2014, never to be found since. If the loss of these two was not enough, the family’s heartbreak was compounded when a third brother, Beto, died in jail while awaiting trial on drug charges. The police said he hanged himself. The family — which saw signs of violence on his corpse — suspected otherwise.

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