Trudeau says Canada-U.S. climate strategy should include Mexico

3/11/2016 The Globe and Mail 

TrudeauPrime Minister Justin Trudeau capped off a high-profile official visit to the United States by pledging to forge a unified North American climate strategy to “make a significant dent” in global warming.

The day after holding talks in the Oval Office and being feted by President Barack Obama at a state dinner, the Prime Minister trumpeted his call to arms on climate change and social justice to receptive audiences of students and liberal Democrats.

Mr. Trudeau said the environmental strategy announced at the White House on Thursday to regulate potent greenhouse gases such as methane gas and black carbon, limit heavy vehicle emission and safeguard sensitive marine areas in the Arctic must be extended to Mexico.

“There is no question that the continent – Mexico, the U.S. and Canada – together working on energy issues, on addressing environmental concerns, figuring out how to get things done here will make a significant dent in global emissions,” he told students at American University. “We can make a tremendous impact. In fact, we have to if we are going to keep warming to under two degrees.”

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