Will Mexico’s Economy Finally Start To Grow In 2016?

2/29/2016 Forbes

A few weeks ago I walked with Carlos Salcido, a 50-year-old executive at luxury retailer Palacio de Hierro through the company’s flagship department store in Polanco, one of Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Salcido strolled passed well dressed parents and younger customers in private school uniforms and pointed out the in-store boutiques from brands such as Hermes and Tiffany. “Polanco isn’t just the heart of Mexico City, it’s the heart of Mexico. Many brands will have their flagship Mexico or Latin American store here,” he told me. Palacio de Hierro recently made a $300 million investment in its Polanco store and is betting big on Mexico’s luxury market. “In the last 20 years, we’ve had double digit growth every year. We can see luxury growing and growing,” Salcido told me. Overall, despite concerns about a drop in the peso’s value and rock bottom oil prices, Salcido is optimistic about Mexico’s economy. “The top [income bracket] is growing but you have a middle class that is earning more and starting to come in,” he explained.

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