Brazil cleans up its act, so should Mexico

8/21/15 Financial Times

Flag-Pins-Mexico-BrazilNobody here can do the maths!” Alberto Youssef despaired in an expletive-filled phone conversation wiretapped by Brazilian prosecutors three years ago. Mr Youssef, since convicted of helping to move $444m to offshore bank accounts in thousands of separate transactions, is a money launderer-turned-whistleblower in Brazil’s so-called Petrolão — the sprawling corruption scandal that has hit the highest levels of government.

The scandal, which saw billions of dollars skimmed from construction contracts taken out by Petrobras, the state-controlled energy company, to be used as kickbacks for politicians, has filled Brazil’s streets with protesters and led to calls for the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, the most unpopular president in Brazilian history. Quite some maths.

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