Mexico investigates deaths of 2 suspects photographed alive

8/18/15 Yahoo News

federal police mexicoProsecutors in southern Mexico opened an investigation over the weekend into the deaths of two kidnapping suspects who were apparently photographed alive following their detention. Police in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco reported the two died on their way to the hospital of injuries suffered in a car chase, shootout and crash. The two were involved in a shootout after a failed kidnap attempt last week in which three police officers and three other suspects were killed.

Photos posted on social media sites appeared to show the two bloodied suspects alive after their arrest. One, a woman, is seen sitting up in the bed of a police truck.

Other photos showed what appeared to be the same people’s bodies face down in a field.

The state police department said that following Thursday’s shootout, heavy traffic forced the police to take the two wounded suspects over a back road to the nearest hospital.

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