El Chapo’s Attorney Calls Trump’s Allegations That His Client Threatened Him “Fabrications”

8/7/15 Forbes

ElChapoMexican drug kingpin Joaquín El Chapo Guzman‘s attorney called real estate tycoon and Republican presidential contender Donald Trump’s allegations that El Chapo threatened Trump “fabrications,”according to Univision, the U.S. Spanish TV network.

In an interview on Wednesday, Guzman’s attorney Juan Pablo Badillo showed the injunction he filed last week in Mexico City against El Chapo’s extradition, in which he names Trump. “To the loquacious bellicose Mr. Donald Thrump (sic), who fabricates alleged threats by El Chapo and says that he will bring him to the U.S. to kick his ass,” the document says.

On July 13–three days after Guzmán escaped from a high-security prison in Mexico–atweet from a Twitter account labeled @ElChap0Guzman–as in Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán— warned Trump that if he keeps at it, he will eat his words (with additional swear words for emphasis), Forbes writer Kerry Dolan reported. Forbes was unable to verify if the account actually belongs to El Chapo, the world’s most notorious drug trafficker.

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