Headlines from Mexico

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1. Within hours of validating plans to change land use laws , deputies of the Legislative Assembly increased the list of case requests. Unanimously, the deputies Carlos Hernandez Miron , Diego Martinez, Tonatiuh González , Edgar Alvarez and Salido Gabriela determined that of the total applications submitted by individuals , 14 are approved , 16 were returned to the Seduvi to be re- evaluated and 17 were rejected.

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2. Ruben Nunez, leader of Section 22 of the National Coordination of State Workers (CNTE ) stated he is not paid just for teaching, but also for engaging in politics, which has been made possible by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP ).The union leader ‘s statements came a day after the president of the organization ” Mexicanos Primero ” made a complaint with the PGR against Nuñez and the salary he receives as a teacher without actually appearing to teach. 

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3. President Enrique Peña Nieto, along with the governor of the State of Mexico , Eruviel Avila, and the head of government in Mexico City , supervised the progress of the New International Airport of Mexico City and the Mexico -Toluca train. Peña instructed the employees ensure they comply with the schedule for both projects, to continue informing the public of progress through the available channels,  and to maintain an active policy of transparency in the execution of the work.

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4. Eight neighboring towns of Texcoco and Atenco asked the Supreme Court of Justice ( SCJ ) to exercise its power to decide whether or not to suspend the construction of the New International Airport of Mexico City . The First Chamber of the Court is hearing (177/2015) this week, so that the ministers may examine it and determine whether any of them are interested in pursuing the request made by the landowners.

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5. Panic is increasing within the Chinese stock market. Between suspending some companies from trading ( 1,300 companies) and the fall of those who have already surpassed the maximum trading limit that was permitted by the Exchange(10 % ), between 75 and 90 % of the market is in fact idle. There are many investors who want to sell yet can’t. Essentially, the market is broken. The various measures taken by the government to stop the bleeding have had no result .

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